If you want to predict the movement of hundreds of thousands of individual personalities in a complex 3D environment, choose NAK ARCHITECTURE to do it for you by the most advanced pedestrian movements simulation software in the world.

Crowd simulation models can be used to predict crowd efficiency and performance issues in the design of buildings and public facilities. It is also possible to estimate evacuation time during emergencies using crowd simulation models. Crowd simulation is used for evacuation and crowd safety inspections, study of performance in crowd systems and animations. Agent-based approach has the advantage of supporting researches on local dynamics of pedestrian movement at a fine scale.

Agent dynamics - شبیه سازی جمعیتی در ایران


MassMotion uses a high-performance database to store and retrieve simulation results, you can call on a variety of built-in graphing, mapping and filtering tools to provide you with clear information about crowding, usage patterns and occupant safety in a facility.

This methodology is highly scalable for very large crowds and for simulation scenarios that cover multiple days. Leveraging the 3D capabilities of MassMotion, the analysis system enables users to develop custom analysis based on spatial, temporal, operational, and personal characteristics of people and their environment. It is also possible to combine multiple result sets at the same time and view as a single analysis. All this can be presented as visually engaging, tabular and data-driven graphs and visuals.

شبیه سازی حرکت عابرین پیاده در ایران




Flow and circulation analysis: To support design development for access, lobby, open spaces, sport venues, major events, parks, terminals etc. We can model retail circulation (for example exhibition space).

Flow and circulation analysis




Marketing analysis: You can measure how much parts of the building are overcrowded or underused. A unique feature of MassMotion is measuring where the agents are looking when they move through the building for advertising and signage locations.

Marketing analysis