Generally, providing design services may be classified in six distinct groups:


1-Highly Economical

In this class the most rudimentary architectural services are provided for simple projects such as residential ones. Plans are usually of simple architectural and structural kinds.


2- Economical

This class usually deals with simple residential projects or small scale commercial ones. Plans are usually of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical kinds (at the level of 1st phase).


3- Business

This class is usually used for public buildings. Design services are provided at the 1st & 2nd levels and include architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. Also, all operational details are provided.


4- Important Projects (IP)

A: The first and second phases of this class are by far more detailed than the previous class. Also, data and plans provided outnumber those of the previous class, usually 5-7 times larger in number. Plans are more detailed and are at international scales.


B: Highly Important Projects (HIP)

This class still provides more comprehensive data than that of the former one.





C: Strategic Projects (SP)

This class is used for special projects. In this class more comprehensive data of operational details (such as their maintenance conditions, review and control time) are provided. Also, the cost of performing different alternatives and maintenance cost in the passage time are carefully analyzed and used for special purposes. In addition, all details, including physical and chemical properties of materials, are provided. This class is still higher than the former one.


D: Interdisciplinary Strategic Projects (ISP)

This class is used for projects in which the major data are used for fields other than building-related activities (architecture, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering) such as robotic design, electronic design, electro-mechanic design, etc. A prime example of this is the retractable cover of Masjed-o-Nabi (The Prophet Mosque) in Mecca.


5 & 6- VIP & SVIP

These two classes mainly deal with projects designed for special persons. The service description provided is not higher than that of the previous class. But, this class meets special needs and wants of the client. Given the special features of such projects, the consultant (service provider) must have experts to be able to negotiate with client effectively, both psychologically and behaviorally. The clients of such projects are usually VIP's such as kings, very rich persons, etc. This class comprises about three percent of all the design services provided.


The classes NAK-ARCHITECTURE provides


The classes which NAK-ARCHITECTURE provides include ISP, SP and HIP projects.